Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow Review

Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow

The Comfort Classic is a pillow made by Amerisleep, a company we happen to like a lot at Start Sleeping. As a result, we were eager to review their Comfort Classic pillow. One of the reasons we like Amerisleep is that many of their products are American made and the Comfort Classic is no different. From a materials standpoint, the Comfort Classic is a memory foam-based pillow that claims to not have the issues many other memory foam pillows have due to their open-cell foam and breathable cover. It’s worth noting that the Comfort Classic is not an adjustable loft pillow, meaning it has one thickness. From a pricing standpoint, the comfort classic is a $90 pillow in queen size, which isn’t cheap, especially if you’re buying two. So, the question is, is it worth your investment? Let's dive in more to the details. You can check out the comfort classic pillow on Amerisleep’s site if you want to skip ahead.

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Our Process

At Start Sleeping we think finding the right pillow is not a one-size-fits-all approach many companies want you to believe. In reality, our bodies, sleeping positions, and personal preferences are highly unique, so why wouldn’t our pillows be any different? When formulating our sleep product recommendations one component is consistent and that is obtaining neutral spine alignment. It is widely agreed that when our bodies rest in a neutral spine alignment, the risk for joint or muscle pain risk is reduced and you often can achieve better sleep as a result.

We designed our editorial process to provide some data-driven guidance on what pillows may or may not be right for you. We use weighted spheres to simulate the weight of an average male and female head to quantify support and most importantly the height your pillow will keep your head off the surface of your mattress when you sleep.

Who Is It Best For?

We found the comfort classic pillow measured in at an uncompressed height of 5.75” and provided 2.1” of weighted support for females and 2 inches of support for males in our sleep simulation tests.

Side Sleepers - The Comfort Classic measuring in at ~2 inches of head support is on the low end for side sleepers in general but may be suitable for smaller or petite side sleepers, especially if they are using a soft mattress.

Back Sleepers - On the other hand, The Comfort Classic pillow measuring in a ~2 inches of head support is nearly ideal for most back sleepers. 2” is a sweet spot for back sleeping support and obtaining spine alignment for most people.

Combination Sleepers (back/side) - It is hard to recommend a single pillow to a back and side combination sleeper and while 2 inches of support is on the lower end of what we recommend, it may be a good fit for petite people, especially those using a soft mattress.

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The Data

Using our process, we took the following measurements from the Amerisleep Comfort Classic. As with all pillows, the height of the pillow uncompressed has little bearing on whether the pillow will be a good fit for you as we regularly find pillows that compress 60%+ of their uncompressed weight. Some pillows will compress 90%!

Startsleeping Measurements:

Claimed Pillow Height Uncompressed


Measured Pillow Height Uncompressed (By Startsleeping)


The difference in Uncompressed Pillow Height


Compressed Height Average Female Simulation (10 pounds)


Compression % Average Female Simulation


Compressed Height Average Male Simulation (11 Pounds)


Compression % Average Male Simulation


Size and Pricing (obtained from on 10-25-2021)

Queen (Standard) Dimensions

27” Long x 16” Wide

Queen (Standard) Weight

3.7 lbs

Queen Price

$90 USD (Free Shipping)

King Dimensions

34” L x 16” W

King Weight

4.8 lbs

King Price

$115 USD (Free Shipping)

Where to Buy

What is it Made out of?

The core of the Amerisleep Comfort Classic is made out of open-cell memory foam branded Bio-Pur® by Amerisleep. While almost all pillows manufacturers claim that their products are breathable or have some kind of cooling technology or material, it is hard to escape the limits of memory foam, even in modern form. That being said, open-cell memory foam does sleep cooler than the original closed-cell memory foam originally developed by Nasa.

The Comfort Classic pillow is certified eco-friendly by CertiPUR-US, an industry association that upholds certain standards for certifying sleep products to ensure they are free of harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), formaldehyde, PBDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers), and many other odor-producing chemicals known to be found in sleep products of the past. We always look for this certification but it’s included on the vast majority of memory form-based pillows these days. The cover is a breathable design but is most likely to be used with a cotton cover in the real world.

Trial, Warranty, Returns and Customer Service

Trial - Amerisleep doesn’t appear to offer a trial on the Comfort Classic pillow at this time, which isn’t entirely uncommon for pillows. They do however offer a money-back guarantee which greatly reduces your risk should the pillow not work out, even if you have to cover the costs to return it.

Warranty - While we were not able to find any language specific to pillow warranties on According to a Amerisleep chat agent we were talking to Amerisleep Pillows offer a 2 year manufacturers warranty on pillow which covers defects in the foam.

Customer Service - during our research we chatted with Amerisleep’s chat agents on and found them very responsive and knowledgeable, able to answer many questions on subjects not discussed on their product pages or elsewhere on If you need to talk to someone on the phone call 1-800-500-4233 between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM Mountain Standard Time Monday through Friday. You can also reach out using this form

Company -  Amerisleep was founded in 2010 with the intent to provide eco-friendly sleep products made in the USA. Amerisleep is a brand we’ve come to respect due to the products they produce and how they stand by their products (both under Amerisleep and Zoma brands).

Where to Buy - - You can find all Amerisleep Products on but they also operate a series of stores in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and Oregon if you are someone that needs to experience products in person (we get that!).

Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow Review Summary

The comfort classic pillow from Amerisleep is a well-designed memory foam pillow that keeps you cool and will last for many years to come. While the thickness we recorded in our simulations was on the lower end of what we would like to see for side sleeping males or larger sleepers we do feel comfortable in recommending it for smaller or petite side sleepers, especially when using a soft mattress. On the other hand, its ~2” of thickness under compression is great for back sleepers of all sizes and weights and would help you obtain neutral spine alignment and give you a better chance of a good night's sleep.