Beckman Hotel Collection Pillow Review

Ryan Fiorenzi, BS, Certified Sleep Science Coach - Updated on May 17th, 2023

Beckman Hotel Collection Pillow

The Beckman Hotel Collection Pillow is a pillow we have wanted to review for a while. It is easily one of the most popular pillows on the market ranking #3 in pillows and boasting over 150K reviews on Amazon as of the writing of this review. The Beckman pillow aims to replicate a down pillow without the cooling issues or expense associated with real down or other down-fill alternatives. One thing we have noticed when reviewing pillows is that affordable pillows are rarely good. Has the Beckman Hotel Collection pillow cracked the code with affordability, comfort, and support? With 70% of their reviews giving 5-star ratings, they may have done it. Let's find out.

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Our Process

Our process for reviewing pillows is a simple and objective one. Due to the fact that our bodies and sleeping positions are all highly unique, we believe that measuring the pillow firmness and support in the real world is the best way for us to make recommendations to our readers. We take a series of measurements on the support of each pillow we review in person using a simulation we developed to replicate real sleeping situations for typical male and female head weights. These measurements allow us to quantify how a pillow will support your neck and head and ultimately contribute to or detract from a good night's sleep.

When formulating our sleep product recommendations one component is consistent and that is obtaining neutral spine alignment. It is widely agreed that when our bodies rest in a neutral spine alignment, risk for joint or muscle pain is reduced and you often can achieve better sleep as a result

Beckman Hotel Collection Pillow Review Measurement Process - Start SleepingBeckman Hotel Collection Pillow 10 Pound Simulation and Measurement - Start SleepingBeckman Hotel Collection Pillow 11 Pound Simulation and Measurement - Start Sleeping

Who Is it Best For?

We found the Beckman Hotel Collection Pillow measured in at an uncompressed height of 8.5” and provided 2.4” of weighted support for females and 2.1" of support for males in our sleep simulation tests. While the pillow is 8”+ in thickness uncompressed, it compresses up to 75% with weight applied, giving this pillow a very soft and plush feel that will wrap around the sides of your face, which may be problematic for some side sleepers.

Side Sleepers - The Beckman Hotel Collection pillow measuring in at 2.1" to 2.4" of head support is just under ideal for side sleepers for a variety of weights and mattress situations. Side sleepers typically need ~3" to 4" of support once their pillow is compressed to achieve spine alignment, so while this pillow looks thick it compresses so much that it doesn’t really lift your head as much as it should for side sleeping unless you're a smaller individual.

Back Sleepers - We’re guessing that most people who love their Beckman hotel pillow are back sleepers because it really is ideal for back sleeping. 2.1" to 2.4" of weighted support is a great range for back sleeping for a variety of people. The Beckman pillow will wrap around the sides of your head much more than a thinner firmer pillow with the same amount of weighted thickness. For back sleepers, this is usually a plus as it further supports your head.

Combination Sleepers (back/side/stomach) - It's nearly impossible to find a pillow that truly works for both side back or stomach sleepers. It’s always going to be a compromise with either your back and stomach sleeping head position being too high or your side sleeping head position being too low. The Beckman doesn’t balance the two very well because it’s too thin when compressed. While it's perfect for back sleeping, we would try something that retains more of its thickness.

The Data

Using our testing process, we took the following measurements from the Beckman Hotel Collection Pillow. These measurements in combination with average male and female anatomy is how we arrive at our recommendations.

StartSleeping Measurements:

Claimed Pillow Height Uncompressed


Measured Pillow Height Uncompressed (By StartSleeping)


Difference in Uncompressed Pillow Height


Compressed Height Average Female Simulation (10 lb)


Compression % Average Female Simulation


Compressed Height Average Male Simulation (11 lb)


Compression % Average Male Simulation


Size and Pricing (obtained from Amazon on 11-14-2021 or measured by StartSleeping team on sample)

Queen Dimensions

28” Long x 20” Wide

Queen Weight

~2 lb

Queen Price

$33.99 USD for 2 Pillows (Free Shipping)

King Dimensions (Measured by StartSleeping)

36” Long x 20” Wide

King Weight (estimated)

~2.2 lb

King Price

$50.27 USD for 2 Pillows (Free Shipping)

Where to Buy


What Is It Made Out Of?

The Beckman Hotel Collection Pillow is a budget focused pillow and among budget pillows, the actual materials used are not often described in detail. The Beckman however does have one industry certification we look for and that is OEKO-Tex 100 Certification. This means that the materials in the pillow have been independently tested for both regulated and nonregulated substances and materials that are known to impact human health. The Beckman pillow fill is a solid (as opposed to shredded) gel fiber, designed to replicate down, something we think it does quite successfully. Gel fibers are known to keep you cooler than polyurethane (PU) based foam materials.

The Beckman pillow is designed as one system, meaning you cannot separate the cover from the fill material. While many more expensive pillows have separate removable covers, we find this is often redundant as 99% of people will be using their own pillow cover that matches their bedding. This design is part of what makes the Beckman pillow so affordable and comes without any drawbacks in the real world. The cover material itself is 100% cotton (and relatively thin) meaning it will breathe great.

Beckman Hotel Collection Pillow TagBeckman Hotel Collection Pillow Cover Texture - Start Sleeping

Trial, Warranty, Returns and Customer Service

Trial - The Beckman Hotel Collection Pillow is primarily sold through Amazon but is also available on Beckman's website (at usually a higher price). Most sleep products sold through Amazon do not include any kind of extensive trial period but both on Amazon and Beckman's website a 30-day money-back guarantee is promoted, minimizing risk.

Warranty - The Beckman Hotel Collection brand doesn’t appear to publish any warranty on Amazon or on their own website. While you can always return it within 30 days, you might be stuck with it if you run into issues outside of that period.

Customer Service - When it comes to products like the Beckman Hotel Collection Pillow, which is almost exclusively sold through Amazon, customer service and product expertise is not typically available outside of Amazon customer service or reading independent reviews like this. Beckman’s own website only has a contact form and no phone number to call. Your best bet is to reach out to Amazon Customer Service.

Company - Similar to other popular pillows sold mainly on Amazon, there isn’t necessarily a robust brand or support team behind the pillow brand, which is partly how a 2 pack pillow like the Beckman can be sold for $32 shipped. For this reason, we recommend purchasing through Amazon to get the best support if you run into an issue.

Where to Buy - You can buy the Beckman pillow on Amazon. The pillow is currently ranked #3 on their best-selling pillows which is impressive considering that Amazon has millions of products listed.


We think the Beckman Hotel Collection Pillow is a great buy for any budget-conscious back sleeper. The measurements we took from the Beckman suggest it will keep your spine aligned for the vast majority of back sleepers. With a two-pack queen priced at ~$34 and a king at ~$50, the Beckman pillow is among the best value sleep products available. While it has limited use as a slide sleeping pillow back and stomach sleepers will love the level of support, especially if a plush soft pillow is desired. The Beckman gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Beckman Hotel Collection Pillow Summary