Cool Jams Cooling Sleepwear

Ryan Fiorenzi, BS, Certified Sleep Science Coach - Updated on July 12th, 2023

Every evening, your body temperature starts to drop, preparing you for sleep. The average person reaches their lowest body temperature at around 5 am, when the body starts warming up again, getting ready for waking up and activity.

The best room temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 67 degrees, as this range of temperatures boosts melatonin (the sleep hormone) production. When your temperature is higher, you're more likely to feel awake. When it's lower, you're more likely to feel sleepy., the website of the National Sleep Foundation states, "Wearing special clothing that lowers skin temperature by one degree Celsius can reduce middle-of-the-night arousals and early morning waking."

They continue, "Chances are, you don’t have special cooling pajamas to further lower your skin temperature as you sleep, but taking a bath may have a similar cooling effect." Many sleep experts recommend taking a warm bath before bed because when you get out, you cool down, which helps prepare you for bed.

The products from Cool-jams are designed to keep your body temperature a little bit lower, increasing the chances of you getting to sleep quicker, waking up less often, and getting restful sleep.

Finding the Right Room Temperature For You

As a person who has done a ton of experimenting with almost every factor that could affect my sleep, I know that room temperature and body temperature are important. Though experts recommend a room temperature of 60 to 67 degrees, that temperature range makes me wake up during the night because I'm too cold. My room temperature sweet spot is 71 degrees (I love the heat so it's not surprising). And at that temperature, I only sleep with one thin sheet and a second one nearby in case my arms get cold.

I usually wake up twice during the night because I'm hot, which is mainly due to my mattress. It's a very soft memory foam mattress, which I need for my back as I suffered from bad back pain for years. I know it affects the quality of my sleep, but mattresses that run cooler (such as box-spring mattresses), make me wake up with a tight lower back. When I found out about Cool-jams, I was very excited.

How Cool-jams Work

Cool-jams were originally developed for the Canadian armed forces who wanted clothing that would look and feel like cotton but also:

  • wick away sweat
  • regulate temperature
  • dry quickly
  • are anti-microbial
  • anti-pilling (where fabric balls up on the surface)
  • are breathable

They refer to their unique fabric structure as a moisture transfer system (MST). The fabric fibers are filaments that are less than 1 decitex, which is thinner than a human hair. These filaments are made of very fine fibers. 5 to 8 filaments are twisted together to form a fine thread, and each of the filaments has a different purpose. The filaments are then knitted together in a way that facilitates the evaporation of moisture. As sweat hits the material it's spread out across the fabric to speed evaporation.

It was designed to help body heat be dispersed rapidly, as well as keeping your body temperature more stable while sweating. If you're wearing cotton, and the cotton becomes wet, you can then become cold.

Another benefit is the antibacterial agent called BACT-OUT® that kills odor and infection-causing bacteria and fungi.

Cool-jams Review: Men's Wicking Pajama Pants



The material is a poly microfiber, and the feel of the pants is soft, but different from cotton in that it's a little silky. Extremely comfortable!


I ordered the medium. I have long legs and a 33" inseam (the distance from the crotch to the floor). The pants reach just below my ankles, which is a perfect length.

I have a 34" waist, and with the elastic waistband, I could go up or down several sizes and they would still fit great.


Cool-jams pajamas are wrinkle-resistant, which is convenient especially if you travel with them.


The legs aren't tapered, so they're a loose fit on the legs and ankles.


There's a small stitched logo on the left ankle that's a slightly darker gray than the pants.

Colors Available

Navy, black, and steel.

Advice for Washing and Drying

You can dry these in the dryer, but don't use fabric softener or softener sheets with these pajamas! They will reduce the fabric's wicking ability.

About The Company

Cool-jams is based in San Diego, California, and its products are manufactured in the US and Taiwan.

Where To Buy

The men's wicking pajama pants are available directly from Cool-jams at

Other Products Available

They have other sleepwear for men and women, as well as bedding products.


You can return or exchange the pajamas anytime before 30 days, unless if you buy these in November or December, in which case Cool-jams extends their return window until January 31.

Should You Buy These Pajamas?

Here are some circumstances where I think Cool-jams pajamas can be useful:

  • If you get warm at night, they will keep you cooler.
  • If you wear them before going to bed, they can start cooling you off to help facilitate falling asleep.
  • If you're traveling and want to bring pajamas that take up very little space in your luggage.
  • For women going through menopause who experience hot flashes.

They're light, well-made, good-looking, and very soft to the touch. When I put the Cool-jams bottoms on, they feel cooler than regular fabric. I highly recommend these pajamas.

Cool-jams Sleepwear FAQ

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the Cool-jams sleepwear.
Cool-jams sleepwear is very soft. The softness comes from micro-fiber yarn that is very thin, with four times the filaments of other yarn.