Cool-jams Women’s
Moisture-Wicking Robe

Updated: July 24, 2019

Quick Summary

The Cool-jams moisture-wicking women's robe is luxurious. The material is very soft, and it feels a little like silk. It looks great, and it's perfect for travel as it's very light and takes up very little space in a suitcase.

Besides the look and feel, the material dries four times faster than cotton and will help regulate your temperature.

There are side-seam pockets, a waist tie, as well as an inside tie to for a great fit. The lace that's sewn to the collar is only on the outside so it doesn't touch your skin.

Cool-jams Fabric

Cool-jams are made of a unique material that's designed to:

  • wick away sweat
  • regulate temperature
  • dry quickly
  • be anti-microbial
  • anti-pilling (where fabric balls up on the surface)
  • be breathable

They refer to their unique fabric structure as a moisture transfer system (MST). The fabric fibers are filaments which are less than 1 decitex, which is thinner than a human hair. These filaments are made of very fine fibers. 5 to 8 filaments are twisted together to form a fine thread, and each of the filaments has a different purpose. The filaments are then knitted together in a way that facilitates the evaporation of moisture. As sweat hits the material it's spread out across the fabric to speed evaporation.

It was designed to help body heat be dispersed rapidly, as well as keeping your body temperature more stable while sweating as if you're wearing cotton, and the cotton becomes wet, you can then become cold.

Another benefit is the antibacterial agent called BACT-OUT® that kills odor and infection-causing bacteria and fungi.

Cool-jams Review: Women's Moisture-Wicking Robe



The material is a poly microfiber, which feels a bit like cotton but silkier. It feels like a high-quality robe that you would find in a spa.


There are 3 options: small/medium, large/extra large, and double X/triple X. The weight is approximately 11 oz.


All of Cool-jams products are wrinkle-resistant, which is convenient especially if you travel with them.

Fit and Style

The hemline goes knee-length, and there's a waist tie as well as an inside tie for a great fit.

Colors Available

Dusty-peri, black, and white.

Advice for Washing and Drying

You can dry these in the dryer, but don't use fabric softener or softener sheets with these pajamas! They will reduce the fabric's wicking ability.

About the Company

Cool-jams is based in San Diego, California, and its products are manufactured in the US and Taiwan.

Where to Buy

The women's moisture-wicking robe available directly from Cool-Jams at

Other Products Available

They have other sleepwear for men and women, as well as bedding products.


You can return or exchange the pajamas anytime before 30 days, unless if you buy these in November or December, in which case Cool-jams extends their return window until January 31.

Should You Buy This Robe?

If you looking for a robe that's light, the Cool-jams robe is a great choice. The temperature-regulating fabric that dries 4 times faster than cotton is a feature that you won't find in other robes. It's a great option for travel as it takes up little space, and it's wrinkle-resistant.

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