Ryan Fiorenzi
July 30, 2021

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What Separates Pillow Cube From Its Competitors

The shape of the Pillow Cube is what creates strong reactions from customers. The concept behind this pillow is that side sleepers need a thicker pillow to keep their neck in alignment (especially compared to back or stomach sleepers). When you lay on your side, the distance between your head and the bed is greater than when you lay on your back or stomach. With most pillows, your head tilts down, creating a bend in your neck, which can cause cramping and even headaches.

The Pillow Cube is also square, as the shape of the space between your head and shoulder is square, so rounded pillows by definition won't fill the gap between your head and the bed.

correct and incorrect angle of neck for side sleeping
What many people do to fill this gap is to fold their pillow in half, or use two pillows. The problem with these methods is that during the night your pillow will unfold, or the two pillows separate and you end up using only one. Pillow Cube's design prevents these issues.

Why Some People Love It and Others Aren't Impressed

I've read a lot of Pillow Cube reviews and watched several videos. The reviews tend to be five-star, rave reviews, or users aren't excited. I spoke to a chiropractor and a physical therapist, and here are the most probable reasons why someone wouldn't be excited:

  1. The Pillow Cube isn't the right size for them. If someone has wide shoulders and sleeps on their side, there will be a greater distance between their ear and the bed and will need a larger pillow. If the pillow is too thick or too thin, the neck can be cramped because the head is too high or too low.
  2. The firmness of the bed can change what size pillow you need. If you have a really firm bed, you'll need a larger pillow because your shoulders don't sink into the bed as deep.
  3. The sleeper doesn't sleep on their side that much. Most people shift between sleeping on their back, their left side, right side, and their stomach, but most people have a preferred position. For people that sleep on their back and/or stomach most of the night, the Pillow Cube may not be the best choice.
  4. It's more expensive than the average pillow.
  5. People who prefer firm pillows won't like the Pillow Cube as it's really soft.

Why It's My Favorite Pillow EVER

I'm a raving fan because:

  1. I'm a side sleeper.
  2. I love soft pillows.
  3. If I don't use the right pillow, I wake up with a tight neck and a headache. With the the Pillow Cube, I have never woken up with a headache.

Before I started using the Pillow Cube, I didn't have high hopes. I have some neck issues from years of Jiu-Jitsu, and I've tested many pillows. Most of the time I'm excited that this pillow is "the one," but I usually end up disappointed. My stretch therapist told me about Pillow Cube; she's also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and said that her boyfriend, a brown belt, has a lot of neck issues. He said that the pillow is the best one he has ever used.

I've been using Pillow Cube for a month. I'm using the largest size, the 6", as I'm tall. Since I started using this pillow, I haven't had a headache or tight neck upon waking up. I have experimented with 2 other pillows in the last month, and I did get a headache with one of them.

Pillow Cube Dimensions and Other Specifications

The Pillow Cube Pro is their main pillow. Each of the Pros are 24" long X 12" wide, and there are three height options: 6", 5", and 4". Pillow Cube has a short quiz for people who aren't sure what thickness they should buy.

It's made with a cooling memory foam that has a cooling cover. I'm very sensitive to heat and I never get warm with the Pillow Cube. The pillowcase that comes with your pillow are only available in white, though several other styles are available on their site.

The other pillow they sell is the Classic, which is half the length at 12", but has the same width as the Pro and is only available in 6" height. This pillow is better for use in an airplane or car.

The pillow is CertiPUR certified to free from:

  • flame retardants
  • PBDEs
  • heavy metals
  • formaldehyde
  • ozone depleters
  • phthalates

The pillow arrives vacuum-sealed in a bag, and all you need to do is to open it and let it sit for 24 hours for it to reach full size. My pillow didn't take that long to return to it's full size.

Foam, Cover, and Pillow Case

The foam foam is made of viscoelastic polyurethane and carbon fibers. Even when taken out of the cover, there's no off-gassing or smell.
Pillow Cube foam
The quilted cover has a diamond pattern and is made of polyester. It's recommended to hand wash.
Pillow Cube cover
The pillow case is made of polyester and spandex. It's very stretchy and comfortable. It doesn't have a zipper but uses a two-flap design to cover the pillow. I really like this design as you never rub your face or body on any metal.
Pillow Cube pillow case
Pillow Cube with pillow case

Should You Buy This Pillow?


If you sleep on your side and occasionally deal with any of the following, the Pillow Cube may be worth a try:

  • wake up with a tight neck
  • suffer from occasional headaches
  • don't sleep well
  • like soft pillows

Pregnant women and CPAP users have also raved about this pillow.

Because the sleep industry is highly competitive, most mattress and pillow sellers offer a 30-day or more guarantee. Pillow Cube has a 60-day guarantee, but there's a $20 return shipping fee if you want a refund. If you like the pillow but want to try a different size, there's no charge for the exchange. So the risk you're taking is at the most $20 if you don't like it.