WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow Review

Ryan Fiorenzi, BS, Certified Sleep Science Coach - Updated on May 17th, 2023

Wondersleep Premium Adjustable Pillow

The Wondersleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow is a foam-based pillow sold under the Wondersleep brand. While we don’t know much about the Wondersleep brand (details below), it is clear this is a popular pillow with over 7,000 reviews averaging 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This pillow has also been around, seemingly unchanged, since June 2017 (according to Amazon). The Wondersleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow is an interesting design where shredded memory foam inside the pillowcase can be removed to reduce the firmness or height of the pillow making it adjustable, a feature we have come to appreciate when recommending pillows. This feature is also an exceptionally rare feature to find in a sub $50 pillow, let alone a set of two that only costs $42! The Wondersleep Pillow is certainly an affordable option but is it worth it? Let's find out.

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Our Process

At StartSleeping we think finding the right pillow is not the one-size-fits-all approach many companies want you to believe. In reality, our bodies, sleeping positions, and personal preferences are highly unique, so why would our pillows be any different? When formulating our sleep product recommendations, one component is consistent and that is obtaining neutral spine alignment. It is widely agreed that when our bodies rest in a neutral spine alignment, risk for joint or muscle pain risk is reduced and you often can achieve better sleep as a result.

We designed our editorial process to provide some data-driven guidance on which pillows may or may not be right for you. We use weighted spheres to simulate the weight of an average male and female head to quantify support and most importantly the height your pillow will keep your head off the surface of your mattress when you sleep. In this case, we are reviewing an adjustable loft pillow meaning you can easily make the pillow thinner if needed, a great feature.

Who Is It Best For?

We found the Wondersleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow measured in at an uncompressed height of 6.75” and provided 2.6” of weighted support for females and 2.4" of support for males in our sleep simulation tests. Again since this is an adjustable loft pillow, it’s important to consider that you can always reduce the height.

Side Sleepers - The Wondersleep Pillow measuring in at 2.4" to 2.6" of head support is just under ideal for side sleepers in a variety of weights and mattress situations. Side sleepers typically need ~3" to 4" of support once their pillow is compressed to achieve spine alignment. Most pillows aren’t thick enough for side sleeping but the Wondersleep's max thickness is a good starting point for any side sleeper.

Back Sleepers - Even though the Wondersleep Pillow measures in at 2.4" to 2.6" of compressed support, which is too thick for back sleeping, its adjustable nature means you can remove material until it’s perfect. Based on the measurements we took at full loft we’d recommend removing ~20% of the pillow's shredded foam to target 2” of compressed support, which is ideal for back sleeping.

Combination Sleepers (back/side) - Combination sleeping is always a challenging situation to solve in a pillow as side sleepers need a thick pillow and back sleepers need a thin pillow (generally), but at least the Wondersleep pillow enables fine-tuning of a middle ground. We would recommend experimenting with a 10% reduction in the loft for a good balance of side sleeping support while still being thin enough for back sleeping.

Pillow Specs and Data

Using our process, we took the following measurements from the Wondersleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow. We took these measurements leaving in the full amount of foam available when it arrives at your home.

StartSleeping Measurements:

Claimed Pillow Height Uncompressed


Measured Pillow Height Uncompressed (By StartSleeping)


Difference in Uncompressed Pillow Height


Compressed Height Average Female Simulation (10 lb)


Compression % Average Female Simulation


Compressed Height Average Male Simulation (11 lb)


Compression % Average Male Simulation


Size and Pricing (obtained from Amazon on 10-26-2021 or measured by StartSleeping team on the sample)

Queen Dimensions

30” Long x 16” Wide

Queen Weight

1.5 lb

Queen Price

$42.49 USD for 2 Pillows (Free Shipping)

King Dimensions (Measured by StartSleeping)

34” Long x 16” Wide

King Weight (estimated)

1.7 lb

King Price

$67.99 USD for 2 Pillows (Free Shipping)

Where to Buy


What is it made out of?

The Wondersleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow is a shredded memory foam design, meaning foam material has been cross-cut into loose pieces then packed into the pillowcase. This is what allows for the adjustment in the loft. You can simply remove material for a thinner softer pillow as desired. The Wondersleep website and Amazon page go into very little detail on what type of memory foam is used but due to the price point, it’s unlikely that the Wondersleep Pillow is certified by any industry groups such as Certi-pur, which requires companies to pay them a fee for the certification. We have found that many budget-focused pillows like the Wondersleep are not certified due to the cost savings it allows. It doesn’t mean their materials are unsafe or high in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

While most people will use their own pillowcase that matches their bedding it is good that the pillowcase is a breathable material made from Viscose Rayon (which is derived from Bamboo) and polyester. The pillowcase is also machine washable.

Trial, Warranty, & Customer Service

Trial - The Wondersleep Premium Adjustable Pillow is primarily sold through Amazon, making it difficult to structure a trial period that exceeds the 30-day Amazon return policy. So our interpretation is that you have a 30-day trial via the Amazon return policy. While many sleep manufacturers pride themselves on long trials, we have found it rarely takes longer than a few nights to determine if you like a particular pillow or mattress.

Warranty - The Wondersleep Pillow comes with a 1-year standard express manufacturer warranty and registration is not required to use the warranty.

Customer Service - When it comes to products like the Wondersleep Pillow which is likely exclusively sold through Amazon, customer service and product expertise is not typically available outside of Amazon customer service or reading independent reviews like this. We were not able to locate a phone number or a customer-facing contact form associated with the Wondersleep brand. Your best bet is to reach out to Amazon Customer Service.

Company - Due to the points made above, there is limited information available about Wondersleep. Their website wondersleep.com has a very scarce amount of information about their products, which is typical of brands that bring products to market via Amazon.

Where to Buy - You can buy the Wondersleep pillow on Amazon. The pillow is currently ranked 790 on their best-selling lists which is impressive considering that Amazon has millions of products listed.

Wondersleep Premium Adjustable Pillow Review Summary

When it comes to sleep products we rarely recommend budget-focused pillows but in this case, it’s hard to ignore the value offered by Wondersleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow. You simply can’t find a 2-pack adjustable loft pillow for this price and we now understand why it’s so popular. For the price you’re really not giving up much and knowing that you can adjust the loft to your needs is peace of mind when buying a pillow without experiencing it in person. For average size side sleepers, it offers a reasonable compressed thickness to keep your spine in alignment, and back sleepers can remove the material as needed. We also want to note that this 2 pack adjustable combination makes it a great choice for couples with different sleeping positions or sizes.