Zoma Mattress Review

Ryan Fiorenzi, BS, Certified Sleep Science Coach - Updated on April 1st, 2023

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Zoma Hybrid Mattress

Start Sleeping Editor Approved Mattress
Back Sleepers
100 Nights
Zoma Mattress - Zoma Mattress Review

Why We Like It

At StartSleeping we love mattresses that are designed for a specific type of sleeper. Mattresses are not a one size fits all product and that's why we love the Zoma. The Zoma is one of the few sports and athlete-focused mattresses that we've tested. The most interesting innovation of the Zoma is its zoned outer comfort layer that is designed to support your lower back and hips differently than your legs and shoulders. Overall we found the Zoma to be quite soft but not at the expense of support, especially for back sleepers at any weight. The Zoma has incredible contouring abilities which is great for side sleeping but we can only recommend it for very lightweight side sleepers. The Zoma is a fantastic mattress for back sleepers of any weight however and proved to help both reviewers with a 90 lb weight difference maintain spine alignment.

  • Innovative Triangulex™ outer comfort layer that is zoned for extra support for your lower back and hips making it a great choice for back pain sufferers that depend on spine alignment for pain relief.
  • Reactiv™ middle layer that is pressure-responsive - usually these middle layers don't have any special features.
  • Great match for back sleepers of any weight
  •  Breathable outer cover that feels cool to the touch in our testing. A Lot of sleep technology for the price
  • 10-year warranty and 100-night free trial with free returns.
  • May not be firm enough for side sleepers in our testing
  • Due to the overall softness we found the Zoma slightly lacking in edge support.

Sleep Position Analysis

Back Sleeping - 125 pounds: Great support, contouring, leveling and spine alignment (admittedly our tester could have benefited from a thinner pillow)

Back Sleeping 125 Pounds - Zoma Mattress Review
Side Sleeping - 125 pounds: Great contouring but lacking enough support to keep the lower back aligned.
Side Sleeping 125 Pounds - Zoma Mattress Review
Back Sleeping - 215 pounds: Great contouring and leveling ability. It also kept the spine aligned.
Back Sleeping 215 Pounds - Zoma Mattress Review
Side Sleeping - 215 pounds: Great contouring ability for side sleeping but the core of the mattress was lacking enough resistance to prevent the hips from rocking inward.
Side Sleeping 215 Pounds - Zoma Mattress Review

Mattress Details

Below are some deeper details about the Zoma mattress.

Manufacturer Zoma
Model Name Zoma
Ideal Sleeping Position(s) Back Sleeping
Available In One Thickness
Mattress Dimensions 60 x 80 x 11
Mattress Weight 88 lb.
Weight Limit 800 lb.
Overall Density (lb/cubic square foot) 2.88 (lb/cu ft)
Type Foam
Materials PU Foam
Construction 2" Triangulex outer layer, 2" Reactiv layer, 7" Support+ layer
Edge Support Poor
Cooling Breathable moisture wicking outer cover
Certification CertiPUR-US®
Cover Mesh Polyester and Spandex cooling cover
Trial 100 Nights
Warranty From Zoma: Every Zoma mattress is built to last and protected by a 10-year warranty. During the entire 10 years, you're covered for a full repair or replacement. The warranty covers workmanship and structural defects
Returns Free Returns on all mattresses delivered to the lower 48, reach out if you're in Alaska or Hawaii
Customer service Very Good

Zoma Mattress FAQ

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the Zoma mattress.

The MSRP for the Queen size Zoma mattress is $949. The standard Zoma mattress retail price for the King is $1,049 and for the twin size is $649.